Rashaida people

The Rashaida are a nomadic people who live in Eritrea, as well as the coastal strip from the Egyptian al- Schalatim on the Gebel Elba National Park - has colonized until after Sudan. Their ancestors immigrated in the 19th century from the Arabian Peninsula. They speak Arabic and are Muslim.

For women, the Rashaida, it is customary to cover the face as early as the age of five with a veil.

They share a life in phases, which is made by a change in clothing, for both men and women, clearly. Girls from around the age of 5 to wear a gargusch, a black, sometimes colored cloth, the head, shoulders and additionally the face below the eyes covered. The older the girls get, the more clothing parts arrive and the longer the face veil. The next section is symbolized by the " mungab " - the young woman veil that extends well beyond the breast. Women of marriageable age have a thaub, reaching down to the ankles. Boy wearing a cap initially, on the later a white turban is placed.

The Rashaida in Sudan are involved in the conflict in Eastern Sudan.

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