Rasm (Arabic رسم, DMG rasm, track, image ' ) is called an Arabic word, or letter without diacritics as it was common in early Islam.

The Rasm has only 18 letters and no vowel signs, even the Hamza is still missing. Later, many letters were marked by points, so they are less ambiguous. In Rasm can neither between r and z, nor between d and that is distinguished and their initial and intermediate position there is for b, t, th, n, and y only a sign at the end and only after all three.

Through the diacritical points obtained 28 letters. It took until the 10th century until the Rasm was provided regularly in ordinary texts with distinctive points and in the Qur'an with vowel points. The Rasm is not only the early form of the Arabic script; he is still in every document.


  • Quran
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