The Rauschpfeife (also Rauschpfeiffe ) is a woodwind instrument with a double reed and wind capsule. It differs from the wind by the Renaissanceschalmei capsule more conical bore and the resulting shorter length. The instrument is built in c / f sentiment in the vocal ranges sopranino, soprano, alto and tenor. The bass Rauschpfeife is already very cumbersome and requires a lot of air. The heyday of the Rauschpfeife is the Renaissance as with other instruments of its family. With the rediscovery of ancient music and the noise pipe has come to new popularity.

Most built today whistling noise based technically and visually to the chanters of the medieval scene and are built in an open German recorder fingering. The range is mostly a None. Furthermore, the recent noise pipes are often only half as large as the instruments from the 1970s, which are often oriented to the instruments received the so-called Naumburg collection. The noise whistling of Naumburg collection on almost half of the body, a rear -mounted exit hole for the sound that sets the musical effectiveness of the lower body half out of power.