Rav Chisda

Rab Hisda (* 217, † 309 ) was an amora of the third generation in Babylonia.

He was a pupil and friend of Rab Huna, according to some even a pupil of Rab and Mar Samuel, after the death of Rab Judah important teacher in Sura was particularly Haggadist and famous for its ingenious Discuss ( Erubin 67a for example, speaks of pilpule deRab Hisda ).

R. Hisda married at the age of 16 years, the daughter of Hanan b. Raba, with whom he had seven or more sons and two daughters. His student Raba was also his son-in. With Huna, he threw himself on the occasion of an interpretation of the law on the obligations of students towards their teachers. He stayed very Huna and published to Hunas alive nothing that contradicted its view. However, it should last a very long time until they were reconciled again. Four years ago Huna 's death Hisda founded his own school in Mata Meḥasya. After the death of R. Judah he took over the school at Sura. R. Hisda came in the course of his life as a brewer to some fortune, he died in the year 309, and to have become 92 years old.

Pictures of Rav Chisda