Rava (island)

Rava is an island of the archipelago Zadar in Croatia.

Location and population

Rava is located between the islands of Dugi Otok and Iz in the archipelago 30 km from Zadar. On the 3.6 km ² island live 98 people, spread over the villages of Vela and Mala Rava Rava. According to the size it is the 53rd island in Croatia, and the 37th by population. There is a daily boat connection with Zadar. On the island, no cars.


The island of Rava is first mentioned in the 13th century as Raua. With the economic crisis began in the 30s of the 20th century, more and more inhabitants emigrated to the city of Zadar or abroad, mainly to North and South America and Australia. Lived in 1921 491 people on the island, so after that, the population dropped to 305 (1961) and now 98 ( 2001). The few inhabitants live off tourism and fishing. Chance of wine and olives are grown. Previously, the island was known for her basketry. On the island, no surface water flows, so that the inhabitants are forced to collect rainwater in cisterns.

In the village there on the court Kolešće a sign. Stands on this, that here was the center of the world. On the square in a symmetrical circle can be seen. There are several versions of the legend. One of them is this one. "For the earth turn around better to have the inhabitants of the island, poured into this circle of olive oil. " The translation of the text is on the board at this place in archaic Dalmatian dialect:

With the voice of my waves I want to tell you my beauty you can not escape I am Rava - the center of the world