Ravens Salzburg

  • Austrian Champion 2005/ 06 and 2008/ 09

The DEC Salzburg Eagles is the first Austrian women's ice hockey club from the city of Salzburg. The club plays since 2002/ 03 in the highest Austrian Ladies League and won the previous two times, the Austrian State Championship.


History of establishment

In the spring of 2000, some sports enthusiasts Salzburg girls got together for a hockey team to launch. The largely made ​​up of students and trained by Hannes cruiser hobby and leisure team completed in the summer of their first dry firing and went in the winter of the same year for the first time on the ice. After the team had found this disillusionment with their actual performance weakness, the players decided the sport of ice hockey in the future to operate professionally and seriously.

On the initiative of the patron Dr. Thomas Seywald, in his founder and owner of the well-known about the Salzburg provincial boundaries " gallery Seiwald " in the Salzburg Sigmund- Haffner -Gasse, the team was incorporated as separate ladies section in the club EC The Red Bulls Salzburg. As a further measure, the club decided now to participate in the national championship, in Salzburg's, however, in their first season 2000/2001 cut off with only one point the bottom of the table occupied. After the unsuccessful kick off season training was intensified and in addition held a training camp in the fall for the first time in summer 2001. Even before the start of championship came as a result of differences with the club's management to split the Red Bulls and the establishment of the independent women's ice hockey club "EC The Ravens Salzburg".

First chairman of the new association was Thomas Seywald, secretary and treasurer Herzog Wilbert Sonja Winkler. The club crest, a raven with a puck in its beak, was by the famous Austrian artist and graphic designer Paul Flora, the father Seywalds, designed and made ​​available. The raven itself is also the personal emblem Floras which is also the name of the club " Ravens" inevitably resulted.

Promotion to the Bundesliga and three-time runner-up title

In the national championship in 2001/ 02 led coach Hannes Kreuzer Salzburg's as the best Austrian team surprisingly in second place behind the team from the Italian Sterzing and thus reached with the Ravens for the first time the rise in the women's ice hockey Bundesliga ( DEBL ). 2002/ 03, the Ravens were playing for the first time in the Austrian Bundesliga and reached in the basic passage astounding second place in the standings behind the EHV Sabres from Vienna. After the uprising against the Dragons Klagenfurt Salzburg's Wiener its competitors were subject to two finals clearly with 3:9 and 2:8, celebrated with the finals but for the first time in its short history club winning the Austrian Vice Champion title. At the end of the season was followed by some personnel changes. Thomas Seywald handed the office of club chairman Wilbert at Duke, but the club continued to receive as a sponsor. On the success coach cruisers, who retired into private life followed as a player coach Vera Pancakova.

The game in 2003/ 04 showed Salzburg's the reason for passage of the Bundesliga, four points ahead of the Sabres for the first time in the first place in the table. After wins in Klagenfurt Dragons in the play-off games, the Ravens the Sabres defeated in the finals, however, in three games ( 2:4, 5:4 and 3:6 ) and were re- Austrian Vice National Champion.

The 2004/05 season began again with changes in the Board of Directors. As athletic director, the former chairman Thomas Seywald returned. The current trainer Vera Pancakova left the club since both the sporting management as well as the Executive Board in agreement that she could not bring the players in their athletic development. After the regular season, the Ravens took first place in the league. In the play- off matches Salzburg's defeated the EHC Vienna Flyers with 8:1 and 10:4 and increased sovereign to the final. There, they lost again to their " rivals " EHV Sabres with 2:4 in both encounters, but brought with it for the third time in a row, the runner-up title at the Salzach. In the newly formed Elite Women's Hockey League with participants from Italy, Hungary, Slovenia and Austria, the Ravens ( champion), Terme Maribor, Agordo hockey and the Eagles Bolzano played behind the Sabres from Vienna with a gap of ten points on the master to the fifth digit. That same season saw the foundation of a successful gaming community between the B- team of the Ravens and the Kundl Crocodiles. By winning the B league, the SPG Kundl / Salzburg qualified for the Bundesliga, which Salzburg was represented in the following year game with two teams in the top league.

First national title for a Salzburg Hockey Team

At the beginning of the season 2005/ 06, the Austrian A- license coach Heinz Schiller took over as coach at the Salzburg interior. In the same year Thomas Seywald founded jointly with the Canadian coach Kim Perepeluk the International Hockey Academy in Salzburg. Objective of the Academy was the systematic and regular exchange of young players and students from Salzburg and the home countries of ice hockey, the U.S. and especially Canada.

In the Bundesliga, it came into this season in fundamental reform. The four best teams played in the EWHL and attacked only in the play- off matches in the fight for the Austrian championship title. The regular season in the Bundesliga was played with six teams, including the first time the game community Kundl / Salzburg, which consisted of players from the Kundl Crocodiles and the Salzburg Ravens. The top four teams of the basic passage qualified for the play-off games, each Bundesliga team against a team from the EWHL took.

The Ravens met in the quarterfinals of the SPG Kundl / Salzburg, which finished third in the regular season and defeated their own B team 9-0 and 12-0 clear. With two wins against the EHV Sabres in the semifinals ( 8-2, 4-2 ), they reached for the fourth time in a row the play-off final. Opponent this time was the DEC Dragons Klagenfurt, Salzburg's the first of the final match on February 25, 2006, to oppose anything in the Salzburg ice rink and was outclassed by 2:15. The return match on March 4, ended 3-0 for the Salzburg team competing for five years after the club was founded as ( the official designation ) was allowed to be celebrated " Austrian Champion Women's Hockey 2006". This was all the more remarkable because it was the first winning a state championship title of Salzburg team in the Austrian ice hockey was in fact at all, and after the EC The Red Bulls, who previously caused a true hockey boom in Salzburg over the years, had failed scarce in the Championship for Men, the Salzburg public now finally took the successes of the women's team note.

In order clubs from Croatia and Slovakia advanced Elite Women's Hockey League, the Ravens won in the " South West Division " third place and after, in this competition, first-in play-off matches against clubs in the North West Division, the fifth overall place.

For the season 2006/ 07 increased the EC The Ravens Salzburg with three guest players from Canada and the USA, all of which were committed on the International Hockey Academy. Great expectations set Salzburg's also the return of Kerstin Oberhuber, who played after their time abroad again for the Ravens. As a goal to defend the title in the Austrian Championship and a place in the top three of EWHL was dictated by Schiller coach and the club management.

In the following two seasons, the Ravens each won the runner-up title, before they could be national champions again in 2009.

Renamed DEC Salzburg Eagles

Having been replaced at a general meeting of the founders of the club in 2010 at the club tip, the association created a new logo, which differs essentially from the previous main logo. Instead of a raven with a puck in the beak, now an eagle is used with a hockey stick as picture. The club name was changed according to the change in DEC logo Salzburg Eagles.


  • 2 x Austrian Champion: 2006, 2009
  • 3 x Austrian Vice Champion: 2003, 2004, 2005