Ravi Arimilli

Ravi Arimilli ( born 1963 in India) is an Indian- American computer architect and inventor.

Arimilli came with his family in 1969 from Andhra Pradesh in the United States and grew up in Baton Rouge, where his father worked as a geologist. He studied electrical engineering at Louisiana State University with a bachelor's degree in 1985. He was since 1985 at IBM ( in their development center in Austin ) and is since 2001 IBM Fellow.

At the beginning of his tenure at IBM, he was in the team that developed the first RISC processor for the IBM PC. He is the main architect of the memory architecture of the p690 server (code-named Regatta, with a Power -4 processor) and the main architect for the Power -5 processor and its successors. Arimilli worked on the RS/6000 Unix workstations and servers and their successors, the PSeries. He was in the early 2000s as a leading expert at IBM for symmetric multiprocessor systems, cache / memory hierarchies and Systembusprotokolle.

Arimilli was also involved in the Blue Pacific supercomputer for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. It holds hundreds of patents for IBM ( 78 in 2002 alone ). Since 1998, he won regularly the Inventor of the Year Award from IBM.