Ray Wilson (musician)

Ray Wilson ( born September 8, 1968 in Dumfries, Scotland) is a Scottish rock singer.

Initial successes with Stiltskin

Ray Wilson moved to some time in school bands to Edinburgh, where he founded the band Guaranteed Pure with his brother Steve and Paul Holmes, John Haimes and Chris Cavanagh. The band only produced the album Swing Your Bag, but thus achieved any significant success. Due to the resulting financial difficulties took Ray Wilson in 1994 the offer of the Scottish band Stiltskin in to enter as a singer with her. Their debut single, Inside has been used for the commercial for Levi's 501 jeans company and thus quickly became a hit in most European countries. As the next two singles Footsteps and Rest In Peace from the debut album The Mind's Eye was denied commercial success, the band broke primarily due to internal conflicts.

Wilson Genesis

Ray Wilson worked in the following time again with the people of Guaranteed Pure on a new album, but he was hired after the departure of lead singer Phil Collins in 1996 for Genesis. Together with the two remaining members of the band Genesis, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks was the album Calling All Stations (1997), which, however, no major successes were granted. Then the Genesis project by Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford was quasi- officially laid to rest, and further planned albums were not realized.

At the start of the new Genesis tour in 2007, Wilson distanced in an interview with a Scottish newspaper clearly from Genesis. Phil Collins allegedly very reluctant seen that Genesis have gone ahead with it. He also continues spoke of " irreconcilable class differences ." The request, at least in the opening act of the Turn it on to occur again world tour, would have been systematically prevented from Genesis management. Thus was settled for all time, in his view, the chapter Genesis / Wilson.

Solo career

Ray Wilson subsequently published in 1999 with his brother Steve Wilson, Paul Holmes and John Haimes (former Guaranteed Pure ) and drummer Nir Zidkyahu, who had already participated in Calling All Stations, the album under the band name Millionairhead Cut.

Since 2001, Ray Wilson is as a solo artist under his own name active, he is currently supported by Ali Ferguson (guitar), Ashley MacMillan (drums) and Lawrie MacMillan ( bass).

Simultaneously, a new album She has been published under the name of Ray Wilson & Stiltskin in April 2006, although the original members of the band only Ray Wilson is left.

In November 2008, a new solo album was released called Propaganda Man, which was initially only sold via the website and at concerts and available from spring 2009 at the regular trading was.

Wilson is touring with various projects:

  • Ray Wilson & Stiltskin
  • Genesis unplugged
  • Genesis Klassik - pop meets symphony ( in different occupations )

Collaboration with Steve Hackett

In 2013 it was announced that Steve Hackett, Ray Wilson invited as a guest singer for his Genesis Revisited tour. There are planned concerts in Milan, Glasgow and Munich. In addition, Ray Wilson will be here for the title of " Carpet Crawlers " for an alternate version of Hackett's album " Genesis Revisited II".