Raymond Carver

Raymond Carver ( born May 25, 1938 in Clatskanie, Oregon; † August 2, 1988 in Port Angeles, Washington ) was an American novelist and poet.


Raymond Carver was born in Clatskanie (Oregon ) and grew up in Yakima ( Washington).

Carver studied Creative Writing at the author John Gardner at Chicago State College. At Humboldt State College in California, where in 1963 a BA acquired, and the University of Iowa, he continued his studies. He published during his lifetime in various magazines, including The New Yorker and Esquire, report a number of stories, some short stories from the lives of people easier. His works are distinguished by their laconic style in which his editor at Esquire, Gordon Lish, played a big part. In recent years Lishs were partly massive interventions in Carver's texts increasingly criticized. During the lifetime of Carver published individual stories in a cleaned-up of these interventions form. Stylistically Carver is attributed to the literary minimalism.

Carver was married to the poet Tess Gallagher and good friends with Tobias Wolff and Richard Ford In 1988, he was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Since his time at Humboldt State College to ten years before his death, Carver was a strong alcoholic. Many of his stories are evidence of his alcohol addiction.

Carver died at the age of 50 in Port Angeles (Washington ) to lung cancer.

Carver's stories have been translated into Japanese by Haruki Murakami.


Carver's stories are gathered in German in the following volumes:

  • Would you please be quiet at last, please ... Berlin: Berliner Taschenbuch -Verl, 2001 ISBN 3-4427-6007-0. .
  • What are we talking about when we talk about love. Berlin: Berliner Taschenbuch -Verl, 2002 ISBN 3-4427-6070-4. .
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  • The first and last stories. Berlin: Berliner Taschenbuch -Verl, 2004 ISBN 3-8333-0098-1. .
  • Distance ( original version of the story Everything stuck to him). In: Culture Crash 12/2008
  • Beginners: Uncut - The original version. Frankfurt: S. Fischer Verlag, 2012 ISBN 3100101502.

From Carver's poetry is in German so far only available:

  • Gorky under the ashtray. Maro -Verlag, 1992. ISBN 3-8751-2209-7
  • Poems ( small selection of recent poems ). In: Culture Crash 12/2008
  • A new path to the waterfall, last poems, S. Fischer Verlag 2013


Secondary literature

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