Raymond II, Count of Toulouse

Raimund II († 923 ) was Count of Toulouse, viscount of Albi and Nîmes. He was probably the eldest son of Count Odo and Garsende.

Upon the death of his grandfather, Bernhard II, he received the Vice- counties Nîmes and Albi, while his father Odo followed in the county of Toulouse. 898 his father appointed him Count of Rouergue. 906 gave Odo Rouergue his younger son Armengol and made Raimund for Mitgrafen in Toulouse. 918/19, he inherited Toulouse, while Rouergue, Nîmes and Albi went to Armengol. Raimund also received the title of Duke of Septimania, his father had worn. He died in 923, leaving his title to his son Raymond III. , His only child from his marriage with Gudinhilde, probably a daughter of Wilfried I, Count of Barcelona ( Barcelona home ).