Raymond II, Count of Tripoli

Raymond II of Tripoli ( * 1115, † 1152 in Tripoli) was Count of Tripoli from 1137th

He was the son of Pons of Tripoli and Cecilia of France. In 1137 he married Hodierna, daughter of Baldwin II, King of Jerusalem. He succeeded his father in the same year, after it had fallen in a battle against Damascus. In 1142 he won the Order of St. John in the county, which he gave the Krak des Chevaliers handed among other forts, a great castle along the road from Damascus to the Mediterranean, and securing the border areas transferred, often of Damascus and the soldiers Zengis of Aleppo and Mosul were attacked. For the Knights of St. John de facto independence was granted within the county. The establishment of St. John in the county threatened the nearby areas of the Assassins.

Raimund often quarreled with his wife Hodierna, there were rumors that pulled the legitimacy of their daughter Melisende in doubt. Hodiernas sister Queen Melisende of Jerusalem was in 1152 asked for mediation to Tripoli. They finally agreed to settle the dispute, but Hodierna Melisende should accompany holidays, after Jerusalem. With their departure Raimund escorted the two about a mile, before returning to Tripoli. When he was back riding through the south gate in the city attacked and stabbed by a group of assassins. Two knights who accompanied him, including Ralph Merle, were also killed. The murderer escaped, the motives of the act were never clarified. Raimund II was the first non-Muslim, who was killed by assassins.

He was followed by his underage son Raymond III. , For the first Hodernia his mother and his uncle, Baldwin III. of Jerusalem the regency took over.


With Hodernia he had two children:

  • Raymond III. (* 1142, † 1187 ), Count of Tripoli, regent of Jerusalem, Prince of Galilee
  • Melisende (c. 1143; † after 1161 ), rejected fiancée of the Byzantine Emperor Manuel I ( Princesse Lointaine )