Raymond Pons, Count of Toulouse

Raymond III. Pons ( † after 961 ) from the family of Raimundiner was a Count of Toulouse from 924 He was the son of Count Raymond II and the Gunhilde. In the chronicles, he was named Regimundo Pontio why he I ( and his grandson as Pons II ) is also called the pons.


Raimund competed with Duke William II of Aquitaine for supremacy in Aquitaine and drove 924 Hungarians from Provence. After the death of Duke of Aquitaine 927 Acfreds claimed Raimund whose legacy against Count Ebalus Mancer of Poitou. Raimund succeeded temporarily to occupy the Auvergne, Gevaudan and permanently Gothic Mark ( Septimania ). He was doing the support of King Rudolph, he paid homage to 932 and formally with the duchy of Aquitaine ( Aquitanorum duce ) and the Gothic Mark was encumbered. In the battle for Aquitaine Raimund was but his rival William Werghaupt inferior, who won control of the Auvergne to 954, but could maintain principe about the old Gothia as Gothorum his supremacy. 944 were confirmed to him by King Louis IV and Hugo Magnus held his possessions. He was thus lord of the counties of Carcassonne, Razès and Vice counties Albi, Béziers and Agde.

936 he founded the monastery Chanteuges.

He married Gersende, a daughter of Garcia II Sanchez Duke of Gascony, with whom he had several children:


  • Raymond III. Pons (* (900) † after 944 ), ∞ Gersende of Gascony, daughter of Garcia Sanchez