Raymond W. Karst

Raymond Willard Karst ( born December 31, 1902 in St. Louis, Missouri, † October 4, 1987 in Kirkwood, Missouri ) was an American politician. Between 1949 and 1951 he represented the State of Missouri in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Raymond Karst attended the Wyman Grade School and the St. Louis Academy. After a subsequent law degree from Saint Louis University and his 1926 was admitted as a lawyer in St. Louis, he began to work in this profession. At the same time he proposed as a member of the Democratic Party launched a political career. In the years 1935 and 1936 he was a member of the House of Representatives of Missouri. Between 1936 and 1940 he worked in St. Louis as a judge. During the Second World War, he was between 1942 and 1945 as a captain ordnance officer in the United States Army.

In the congressional elections of 1948, Karst was in the twelfth electoral district of Missouri in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington DC chosen, where he became the successor of Walter C. Ploeser on January 3, 1949. Since he has not been confirmed in 1950, he was able to complete only one term in Congress until January 3, 1951. This was marked by the events of the Cold War. After his retirement from the U.S. House of Representatives Karst practiced law in Clayton. In 1955 he became an adviser to the Economic Stabilization Agency. Later he worked on the Board of the Federal Authority. He was also chairman of the company Karst Enterprises. He died on 4 October 1987 in Kirkwood.