Rayong ( in Thai ระยอง ) is the capital of the district of Amphoe Mueang Rayong Rayong province. The Rayong province is located in the eastern region of central Thailand.


Rayong is located on the Gulf of Thailand in a fertile area and good fishing coastal waters. Rayong is crossed by Maenam Rayong. The distance to the capital Bangkok is about 200 km.

The Khao Laem Ya National Park - Mu Ko Samet is located in Amphoe Mueang Rayong.

Economic importance and

The main products of agriculture income of orchards: durian, rambutan and mangosteen fruit, even sugar cane, cassava and pineapple.

In Rayong, a large part of the Thai fish sauce ( Thai: น้ำปลา - Nam Pla ) was prepared which is indispensable in Thai cooking.

Since the early 1990s, Rayong and its surroundings developed by initiative (Eastern Seeboard ) the Thai government into an economic zone with the new deep-sea port Maptaput and the establishment of numerous Western and Asian large companies such as BASF, BMW, Toyota, General Motors and Ford Ford has opened a large plant in May 2012, the cost of the work amounted to 450 million dollars. Unpleasant side-effect is strong in some areas environmental pollution caused by industrial and sometimes toxic exhaust fumes.



The nearest airport is U Tapao Pattaya International Airport


Rayong is first mentioned when King Taksin, after the fall of Ayutthaya, with about 5,000 followers in Rayong making station and the Thai fleet from here newly built, before he moved on to Chanthaburi. It was in Rayong, as his soldiers antrugen him for his courage and his power of organization the title of king.


  • Wat Lum Mahachai Chumphon ( Thai: วัด ลุ่ม มหาชัย ชุมพล ) - Buddhist temple ( Wat ) with a shrine of King Taksin ( Thai: ศาล สมเด็จ พระเจ้าตากสิน - Somdet Phra Chao Taksin Saan ).
  • Wat Pa Pradu ( Thai: วัด ป่า ประดู่ ) - with a large reclining Buddha
  • Phra Chedi Klang Nam ( chedi in water) ( พระ เจดีย์ กลาง น้ำ ) - about 2 km south of the city center on a small island in the river Rayong is the 10 meter high pagoda at the temple festival with boat races and folk theater will be held in November.
  • Sao Lak Mueang ( ศาลหลักเมือง ) - the City Pillar ( Lak Mueang ) is now in a Chinese -style brick building and was formerly housed in a wooden shrine.
  • Phra Buddha Angkirot ( พระพุทธ อังคีรส ซึ่ง ) - the main Buddha statue in the city is in a pavilion in the park Suan Sri Muang ( สวน ศรี เมือง ) behind the Town Hall.
  • Sobha Botanical Garden - on the road Rayong Ban Phe and has a large variety of trees and plants are also three houses to see in classic Thai style, which are over a century old.
  • Fishing port - lively trade and convertible marks this Rayong.
  • Hat Sai Thong (Golden beach ) - is about five kilometers west of Rayong and is regarded as quiet and clean; preceded him is the island of Ko Saket.
  • National Parks: Khao Laem Ya National Park - Mu Ko Samet (อุทยานแห่งชาติเขาแหลมหญ้า-หมู่เกาะเสม็ด) on the island of Ko Samet, Ban Phe to reach out.