Razer Inc

Razer is an association founded in California manufacturer of computer accessories (mice, mouse pads, ... ) specially for gamers. The Razer brand is currently owned by Razer USA Ltd..


The company was founded in 1998 by a team of engineers and economists to develop a high-end mouse to market. That person, the Boomslang mouse was considered the world's first mouse with a resolution of 1000 dpi advertised with the claim that it can increase the performance of the players. Comparable competitors took advantage of the time resolution of about 200-400 dpi.

With the proliferation of optical mice, the company that put on optomechanical mice fell, after the turn of the millennium in distress. Although the mice produced by Razer already achieved a resolution of 1400 dpi and 2100, the producers lost market share. This regained the company by offering 2004 optical mice that were superior with a resolution of 1000 dpi available until then models with about 800 dpi. Since this change, the company released more improved models. With the introduction of models equipped with laser sensors previously resolutions up to 8200 dpi are achieved.

Since 2005, the company expanded its product range to include other products. Thus, in addition to the mice also mousepads and gamepads are offered. One of the recent developments in this area is the Destructor Mousepad (English destroyer ). It serves to increase by particularly low friction and high durability performance. The keyboards are also designed for use by the player and allow, for example, on a part of the keyboard, press any number of keys simultaneously (so-called anti-ghosting ).

With high technical values ​​, additional settings in the drivers and the design of the mice, the company wants to make the product more attractive to players.


Most products are named after different animals of a species. Thus, the mice carrying the English name known snake species, while the keyboards were named after spinning.


In cooperation with professional gamers Razer stepped active as a sponsor in appearance. So was about Johnathan " Fatal1ty " Wendel to first sponsored players. To date, Razer also sponsors events such as the World Cyber ​​Games ( official outfitter ) or significant StarCraft tournaments. The Razer's marketing strategy aims above all to attract attention by sponsoring clan and e- sport events. Of a cooperative agreement with the clan SK Gaming the Copperhead model " SK Gaming Edition ", in which the pulsating Razer logo was replaced by the SK-Gaming logo was created. To numerous clans printed mousepads are offered, and since 2010 are licensed input devices and headphones for the games StarCraft 2, Tron, Star Wars: TheOldRepublic, Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3, and 4, League of Legends and Dragon Age 2 offered.