Razor -qt is is a development environment for the X Window System.

The developers describe it as " advanced, easy to use and fast working environment based on Qt technology. It is made ​​for users who value simplicity, speed, and an intuitive user interface. "


Razor -qt is still at an early stage of development. As of February 2012, it supported a panel with application and desktop switcher, a desktop, an application launcher, a recruitment center and meetings. The components can be activated or deactivated by the user.

Razor -qt works with any modern window managers such as Openbox, fvwm2 or KWin. In one test, a reviewer has Razor -qt ( tested version 0.4, released in December 2011) only 114 MB of main memory needed and is thus comparable with LXDE (108 MB).

Razor -qt includes a logon dialog for LightDM which comes as a display manager among other things, since Ubuntu 11.10 for use.

The porting of PCMan File Manager PCMan used in LXDE Gtk to Qt has also brought a discussion for better cooperation and avoidance of redundant developments in LXDE and Razor -qt into motion.

Operating Systems


In the following Linux distributions Razor -qt is included in the standard repositories:

  • ALT Linux ( Live CD download)
  • Debian
  • ExTiX
  • Fedora / RHEL / CentOS
  • Gentoo
  • Mageia Version 3 Beta 3
  • Salento (Download)
  • Siduction ( Live CD download)
  • Slitaz ( Live CD download)
  • Venenux ( Live CD download)

For the following Linux distributions are available, regardless of the default repositories for installing packages:

  • Arch Linux AUR
  • Ubuntu PPA


  • NetBSD version 6.0 (Razor -qt version 0.5.1 )