R: Base was the first relational database for PCs.


The original R: Base database program was written on a self-built Heathkit CPM computer. On November 13, 1981, the brothers Wayne Erickson and Ron Erickson founded the company MicroRIM, Inc., to market the product, RIM is the acronym for Relational Information Management. Erickson also developed the mainframe version of RIM ( Relational Information Manager) for Boeing Computer Services. RIM has been used, among other things, at NASA for structured recording of the heat shield tiles of their space shuttles.

R: BASE 4000

The first version 1.0 from 1983 were not yet programming language. With the File Gateway utility could popular file formats, such as Data Interchange Format ( DIF), SYLK, Lotus 1-2-3 and dBase DBF import and export. The Japanese version of the supported Kanji character set.

R: BASE 5000 ( 2.0)

This version could be used more than 640 KB of memory and the Intel 80286 processor. In the 1980s, R was: BASE also sold under the name Microsoft R base system in Europe. In 1985, an output ( multi -user) for multi-user systems.

R: BASE System V (2.1)

First a subset of the Structured Query Language (SQL) has been implemented.

R: BASE 3.x

R: Base 3.0 followed ANSI SQL ( 1989) and used the memory management DOS4GW. It was an issue for the operating system CTOS.

R: BASE 4.0

The development group used instead of the previous Microsoft C compiler now the WATCOM C386 compiler.

R: BASE 6.x

The development company MicroRIM was closed on 13 March 1998. The newly founded company R: BASE Technologies, Inc. of Murrysville (Pennsylvania, USA) acquired the R: BASE product line from Abacus Software Group ( ASG) in June 1998.

R: Base offers its own 4GL programming platform, a built-in SQL Console, multi- user capability, custom masks, reporting, labels and application generators and many more features.

R: Base is located since November 3, 2007 in the version 7.6 and the Turbo version 8.0 before. The V7.6 uses the normal Windows file handling and is therefore restricted to a database of up to 2GB, R: Base turbo V- 8 uses a native 64-bit addressing for file handling and databases can thus manage to 2.3 million TB.