RC Innsbruck

The Rugby Club Innsbruck is an Austrian Rugby Union Club and a member of the ÖRV.


The beginning

The Rugby Club Innsbruck (RCI ) was established in 1997 by some residents of Tyrol foreigners into life, who wanted to continue to operate the in their home countries very popular rugby. These included mainly Millen Bernard from New Zealand, the Frenchman Michael Magne and the South African-born Johann Trojer, who has since graduated from the IRB refereeing and coaching training. Quick, there were also some Tyrolean, who found pleasure in this fast paced and demanding team sport and so was formed within a very short time, an international team that successfully played games even in Vienna, the Austrian rugby stronghold.

The gaming community

1999 separated the club from the sports club of the Pedagogical Academy Innsbruck, the distinct " Rugby Club Innsbruck " or " RCI " to start. In the spring of 2000 began a successful collaboration with the Association of Bolzano " Bolzano Rugby ", in May 2000, a joint team won a tournament in Leoben 3rd place. The first home game of the RCI followed in June and took place against Graz.

In the 2000 /01 season Innsbruck played with Bolzano in the Italian Regional " Campionato Nazionale Serie C2 - Girone Lombardo " against a wide variety of experienced teams and therefore had to pay dearly. This cooperation was terminated due to bureaucratic difficulties in Italy and then leveled off, use in Innsbruck from something.

The revival

During the Rugby World Cup 2003, the club was revived and was formed by Coach Johann Trojer a core of a few enthusiastic Tirolern steer the club to this day.

Since the season 2004/ 05, the RC Innsbruck playing in the Austrian Bundesliga and could in the seasons 2007/ 08 and 2008/ 09 to achieve the best result for the runner.