RCA (disambiguation)

RCA is an abbreviation for:

  • Ellsworth Air Force Base, Air Base of the U.S. Air Force in Rapid City, South Dakota after the IATA code
  • Centrafricaine Fédération de Football, Football Association of Central African Republic
  • Rabbinical Council of America, founded in 1935, uniting American modern Orthodox rabbis
  • Radio Corporation of America, and RCA -Victor, former U.S. electronics company, music label, today only Brand Name
  • Rail Cargo Austria, a subsidiary of the Austrian Federal Railways ( ÖBB ) for the Schienengut transport
  • RCA Dome, Stadium in Indianapolis, USA
  • "RCA Jack," widespread non-standard connectors, see RCA
  • RCA Records, American record company
  • RCA cleaning, the cleaning process in semiconductor manufacturing
  • Reduced Cell animation technique in Cartoons
  • Reflexogenic Cardiac Arrest, Eng. for Reflextod
  • République Centralafricaine, international license plate, see Central African Republic
  • Revealed Comparative Advantage
  • Right Coronary Artery (English " right coronary artery "), see coronary
  • Carry- Ripple adder for addition and subtraction arithmetic unit in microprocessors
  • Rolling circle amplification, method of propagation of circular DNA
  • Root cause analysis, root cause analysis, method of root cause analysis and error prevention in accidents near misses or incidents ( incident in the world of work - Security )
  • Royal College of Art, School of Art in London
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