RCA Records

RCA Records is a music label in New York City and part of Sony Music Entertainment. The abbreviation RCA derives from the Radio Corporation of America, from which emerged the company.

The RCA Label Family

There are three RCA labels, cooperating with each other:

  • RCA Records, which pop, rock and country markets.
  • RCA Victor, which publishes Broadway musicals, blues, jazz, soul and other genres of music.
  • RCA Red Seal, which has been dedicated to classical music.


1986 RCA was sold to his former founder General Electric due to large debts. General Electric decided to the record store to the German media group Bertelsmann AG to sell.

In 2005, the German Bertelsmann Music Group teamed up with Japan's Sony Music, which one of the biggest record labels, Sony BMG arose. On 5 August 2008, Bertelsmann and Sony announced the dissolution of the joint venture by Sony BMG. Sony acquires the shares of Bertelsmann and has since been trading under the name of Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Well-known artists (selection)

The following artists were or are at RCA under contract: