RDA or RdA stands for:

  • Radioactive Dentin Abrasion ( dt as: radioactive dentin abrasion ), the measure of the abrasive effect of cleaning bodies ( for example toothpastes )
  • Rank seniority, earlier in the German military for comparison with the same ranking officers appointed date of promotion (as opposed to the actual date of promotion)
  • Rassemblement Démocratique Africain, a party in French West Africa and French Equatorial Africa
  • Flue gas ignition system, system for the simulation of fire and smoke gas ignition ( flash-over )
  • Smoke protection pressure system, a common name in Germany for over-pressure in stairwells for smoke control in case of fire
  • RDA International Coach Federation, a leading trade association for Bustouristiker and its partners
  • Labour Law, a legal journal
  • Recommended Daily Allowance, the daily recommended amount of vitamin and mineral substances
  • Reich Association of the Automotive Industry, today Association of the Automotive Industry
  • Cleaning and disinfecting machine, a machine for disinfection of medical devices
  • Remote Database Access, an ISO / OSI standard for the distribution of database operations in heterogeneous distributed systems
  • Replica determinant Agreement, an algorithm to select a valid date in the case of redundant data sent, defined in the OSEK standard for Fault - Tolerant Communication
  • République Démocratique Allemande, French name for the GDR
  • República Democrática Alemana, Spanish name for the GDR
  • Resource Description and Access, an international set of rules for cataloging in libraries
  • A marketing term for special Cognac ( Reserve des anges, "reserve of Angels" )
  • Richard Dean Anderson, an American actor
  • Rockhampton Downs, the Australian airport IATA code
  • X-ray diffraction, an analytical method for solids using X-rays
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