RDB or RdB stands for:

  • Régional des Brenets, a former, in the transport Régionaux Neuchâtelois ( TRN) integrated, Swiss railway company
  • Council of Mayors in Berlin, a panel on the participation of districts in issues of administration and legislation
  • Reactor pressure vessel, the vessel is in nuclear power plants, in which the heat -generating reactor core with fuel elements
  • Red Dog Airport, the IATA code of the airport in Alaska, USA
  • Reich Association of German officials, the former name of " Dbb beamtenbund and tarifunion "
  • Relational database, is used for electronic data management in computer systems
  • Reptile Database, an online database of systematic information about reptiles
  • The DBMS Oracle Rdb, a relational database for the OpenVMS operating system
  • Ring German mining engineers, the professional association of engineers, technicians and managers in the German raw material extraction and refinement in Germany
  • Legal database, an Austrian digital collection of legal periodicals, comments and manuals issued by the Manz publishing and university bookstore.
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