RDX Technology

RDX is a work based on removable media in hard disk technology backup format that was developed in 2004 by ProStor Systems Incorporated, to replace the magnetic tape technology, was acquired in May 2011 by Tandberg Data.

RDX consists of the RDX cartridges as removable media and the RDX dock. RDX cartridges are 2 ½ -inch Serial ATA hard drives, advertised with a shock resistance of free fall one meter drop onto a concrete floor, a service life up to 30 years and a transfer rate of up to 650 GB / hour.

Memory sizes of the individual -based hard drives RDX Cartridge 320 GB, and the 500 GB to 2 TB in increments of 500 GB. SSDs based on RDX cartridges have capacities ranging from 64 GB to 512 GB in itself doubling steps.

A similar technique is Iomega REV.