The term re- commerce is a combination of the terms E -commerce ( English for " electronic commerce / trade " ) and Re ( English for " back " or " back " ) and describes the trade in used goods over the Internet. Mostly it involves consumer electronics such as mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 players and more recently, tablet PCs. Likewise, books, CDs and computer games can be sold online. While in the United States and Britain for years various online buying platforms exist, now there's a trend in Germany by.

The beginnings of this trend in Germany date back to the year 2003. Even then launched T -Mobile with a return program for mobile phones. However, this was not online yet. As pioneers of re -commerce Momox for books, rebuy for PC games, and WIRKAUFENS Flip4New for electronics, sale Sun for smartphones and textile for clothing apply.

There are now over 30 providers on the German market. The largest differences to the well-known auction sites are the relatively simple processing and the immediate price quote. The articles are normally reprocessed ( refurbishing ) and the market supplied one more time. Older items of low value are often collected for donations or recycled.

As far as units are purchased with the purpose of recovering only components or raw materials, thus supplying the equipment for recycling, a distinction is to re -commerce is carried out. This business model is referred to as Recy -commerce. These are basically waste legislation issues to consider because the purchase of waste may be prohibited.

Since 2012 there are five specialized on price comparisons of re- commerce providers websites that investigate the highest price for used item among several providers.