Real Zaragoza

Real Zaragoza (Spanish Real Zaragoza ) is a Spanish football club based in Zaragoza in Aragon. It was founded on 18 March 1932, has played 54 seasons in the Primera División.

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Club history


The club Real Zaragoza was created in 1932 when the club Iberia SC and known by different names club Zaragoza FC, ​​the two decisive football clubs in Zaragoza, merged. The new club was allowed to Real Zaragoza call since the club Zaragoza had in 1925 combined with a club called Stadium. This, in turn, had in 1922 received the royal privilege to be called Real Sociedad Atlética stage.


By 1957, they played in the old Torero Stadium. Designed by Francisco Riestra stadium La Romareda, which is a pure seat stadium for 32,400 spectators in the meantime since 1994, was inaugurated after nine months of construction on September 8, 1957 the game against Real Zaragoza Osasuna ( Full 4:3). With the Football World Cup 1982 here three preliminary matches were held. For the unsuccessful candidacy of the Pyrenean town of Jaca to host the 2014 Winter Olympics the Romareda Stadium was scheduled as the Olympic Stadium.

After several years of work on a new stadium put the city of Zaragoza determined in June 2004 that the position of the Romareda stadium to be built a new stadium for 40,000 spectators. The plan was to renew each half of the bleachers in two phases to about 2007. On 17 March 2006 a court ruled in a lawsuit against the stadium plan, so that the construction work had to be stopped on the day on which they were started again. Currently, no new plan for a more modern stadium exists.

Transformation into a sports club

1992 was converted Real Zaragoza as the first Spanish football club in a sports corporation ( Sociedad Anonima Deportiva, SAD), 51 % of the shares acquired by the mattress manufacturer Alfonso Solans Serrano. He also took over the Presidency, which he took over from long -time President José Ángel Zalba ( 1971-78, 1988-92 ). In 1996, he handed it over to his son Alfonso Solans Solans. He sold his shares end of May 2006, which comprised about 86 %, of Agapito Iglesias, the owner of Code Sport, a resident of Zaragoza companies in the construction, real estate and logistics industry. New President of Real Zaragoza was then Eduardo Bandrés, who gave it his office as Minister of Economic Affairs of the Autonomous Region of Aragon. December 30, 2008 Bandrés resigned, majority shareholder Iglesias himself took over the presidency.

Sports career

After three one - and two-year performances in the forties and fifties, the club has been one of the 1956/57 season almost constantly in the Primera División. On descents in the seasons 1970/71, 1976/77 and 2001/ 02 followed in each case direct re- ascents. In the eternal table La Liga Real Zaragoza occupied after the 2006/07 season in ninth place.

The sixties

Mid-sixties saw Real Zaragoza with the team of " Glorious " (Spanish: Los Magníficos, after the movie "The Magnificent Seven "), one of the most successful periods in their history. The team around the striker Canario, Santos, Marcelino, Villa and Lapetra was four times in a row in the Spanish Cup final, which they won in 1964 and 1966, 1963 and 1965 lost. 1964 Real Zaragoza also won the Fairs Cup.

The seventies and eighties

The mid-1970s undertook Real Zaragoza several national player from Paraguay as Felipe Santiago Ocampo Saturnino and Arrúa. This generation of players, received under the pun Los Zaraguayos in the club's history was in season 1974/75 runner-up and lost the 1976 Cup final.

In 1986 the team won the Spanish Cup for the third time. They won 1-0 against FC Barcelona with a goal by Rubén Sosa.

The nineties

In 1991, following the resignation of coach Ildo Maneiro the period under Víctor Fernández. He had previously coached the Deportivo Aragón branch, was appointed at age 30 to Maneiros successors and managed to avert the threat of relegation, which is why a commitment was made ​​to the interim solution, which was to last until November 1997. Under the leadership of Fernández won the Spanish Cup Real Zaragoza in 1994 and in the following season, his second international trophy, the European Cup Winners' Cup. In the final against Arsenal Nayim overcame in the 120th minute with a fantastic effort from 45 meters, the English goalkeeper David Seaman and thus achieved the decisive 2:1.

After the end of the era Fernández a rejuvenation of the team was necessary. Under coach Chechu Rojo, among others Paco Jémez and goalkeeper Juanmi were young Spanish national team. 1998 commitments were the Yugoslavs Savo Milošević of Aston Villa, who scored 38 goals in two seasons before moving to Parma in 2000. From January to June 2002, Milošević played again for Zaragoza.

2000 to today

Real Zaragoza won despite only average league placings and a descent in the 2001/ 02 season again in 2001 and 2004 the Spanish Cup. At the start of the following season 2004/ 05 the team beyond the Spanish Super Cup won against Valencia. 2006 was the team again in the final. In the semi-final first leg Real Madrid ( hat-trick in the first half ) and two goals from Ewerthon was defeated 6-1 by four goals from Diego Milito, so even a 0-4 in the second leg was enough to enter the final. Already in the quarterfinals Zaragoza had prevailed against FC Barcelona ( 4:2, 1:2 ). In the final one, however, Espanyol defeated with 1:4.

The new club owner Agapito Iglesias undertook the successful coach of the 1990s, Víctor Fernández, as a new coach from the season 2006/07. For this season changed including the midfield director Pablo César Aimar from Valencia to Zaragoza. At the end of the season 2006/ 07 Zaragoza finished in 6th place in the Primera División, the best ranking since the turn of the millennium. The second era Fernández was significantly shorter than the first, because the coach was dismissed on 13 January 2008 after poor results in the league and leaving Zaragoza in the first round of the UEFA Cup against Aris Salonika. He was succeeded by Ander Garitano, 1995-2002 players in Zaragoza. But this occurred after about 10 days because of differences with the club's management over playmaker Andres D' Alessandro as a coach back. Trying to settle down with veteran Javier Irureta the situation was also unsuccessful, although D' Alessandro was transferred to the subsequent period to CA San Lorenzo de Almagro in Argentina. Irureta occurred after six games because of lack of success back ( just one win ). He was succeeded by Manuel Villa Nova, who had previously coached SD Huesca. On May 18, 2008 Real Zaragoza sealed on the final day of La Liga with a 2:3 defeat to RCD Mallorca in the Segunda División relegation. For the 2008/09 season was Marcelino García Toral Trainer in Zaragoza. The team succeeded as runners- direct promotion back to the Premier League. The former Bundesliga player Gerhard Poschner (including VfB Stuttgart and Borussia Dortmund) has worked as a general manager there.


  • European Cup Winners' Cup: 1995
  • Fairs Cup: 1964
  • Copa del Rey: 1964, 1966, 1986, 1994, 2001, 2004
  • Supercopa de España: 2004

Current squad 2013/14

As of January 7, 2014

Well-known former players

  • Roberto Acuña
  • Xavier Aguado
  • Pablo Aimar
  • Andrés D' Alessandro
  • Santiago Aragón
  • Saturnino Arrúa
  • Juan Barbas
  • Alberto Belsué
  • Andreas Brehme
  • Cafu
  • Canário
  • Andoni Cedrún
  • José Luis Chilavert
  • Carlos Diarte
  • Carlos Diogo
  • Duca
  • Juan Esnáider
  • Ewerthon
  • Pablo García Castany
  • Sergio García
  • Kily González
  • Francisco Jémez
  • Juanele
  • Juanmi
  • Jorge González Díaz
  • Otto Konrad
  • Carlos Lapetra
  • Gustavo López
  • Dorin Mateut
  • Marcelino Martínez Cao
  • Diego Milito
  • Gabriel Milito
  • Savo Milošević
  • Fernando Morientes
  • Víctor Muñoz
  • Nayim
  • Felipe Santiago Ocampo