Reallexikon der Germanischen Altertumskunde

The Lexicon of Germanic Antiquity (RGA ) is a Glossary and academic standard work on the early history and culture of the Germanic peoples and tribes and in contact with them cultures. The work was supervised in his second edition of the Academy of Sciences in Göttingen. The name was chosen due to the assumption of the earlier research to be traced historically occupied peoples to the early prehistory.


The first four -volume edition was worried by the Anglisten Johannes Hoops 1911-1919, provided for more then respected researchers posts (including Rudolf Much).

The second edition, the current publisher Heinrich Beck ( from band 1.1968 / 72 ), Dieter Geuenich (from Volume 13, 1999), Heiko Steuer (from Volume 8, 1991/ 94) and Rosemarie Müller (1992 ), and the the publisher Walter de Gruyter ( Berlin-New York) is 1968/73-2008 published, represents a completely revised version of the old Real lexicon and is subject to the following remarks.

The articles were often created by outstanding professional scientists. The state of research is well documented; References are provided at the end of the article. The topics are, if necessary, from the perspective of different disciplines ( linguistics, history, archeology, involving scientific methods ) treated. The 35th and final volume of the second edition was published in 2007. Overall, the lexicon comprises 5124 items of 1443 authors on 22,359 pages. This was followed by two index volumes to: Volume 1 (2008) with authors, keywords and specialist registers and a list of abbreviations; Volume 2 (2008 ) with an alphabetical index. In addition, numerous special or supplementary volumes were published. In the context of the publication of the RGA was founded in 1971 a Commission for the Archaeology of Central and Northern Europe, the conference proceedings were published by the Academy of Sciences in Göttingen.


First Edition in four volumes

Johannes Hoops ( Eds.): Lexicon of Germanic archeology. Volume 1 to 4 1st Edition. KJ Trübner, Strasbourg 1911-1919.

  • Digitized at the Internet Archive: Band 1 (A -E)
  • Volume 2 (F -J)
  • Volume 3 (K- Ro)
  • Volume 4 ( beet -Z)

Second edition in 35 volumes

Herbert Jankuhn, Heinrich Beck and others ( eds ): Lexicon of Germanic archeology. de Gruyter, Berlin / New York NY 1968/73-2007, ISBN 3-11-016227- X & w. ( plus 2 index volumes: published in 2008 ).

  • Numerous supplementary volumes since 1986, currently ( March 2013 ) 81 volumes.

Electronic Edition

Heinrich Beck, Sebastian Brather, Dieter Geuenich, Wilhelm Heizmann, Steffen Patzold and Heiko Steuer (eds.): Germanic Antiquity Online. European cultural history to the High Middle Ages. De Gruyter, Berlin-New York 2010, ISBN 978-3-11-021953-1, doi: 10.1515/GAO.

In September 2010, the database Germanic Antiquity Online was. European cultural history provided to the High Middle Ages ( GAO ) on the de Gruyter platform fee online. In addition to the lexicon of the RGA articles and content of the supplementary volumes, the database also contains documents that are only available online. Likewise, new encyclopedia articles and revisions or additions to existing lemmas in the GAO appear. New book publications de Gruyter about are regularly integrated into the database. All contents of the database are linked together; In addition, the entire database can be searched and selected according to various criteria.