Rear-engine design

Tail motor is the name for the motor assembly in motor vehicles over or behind the rear axle. The motor assembly is different from the front-engine and mid-engine arrangement. The connection of the rear motor drive unit and the driven rear axle is designated as a rear-wheel drive.

Constructive Pros and Cons

For cars with rear engine, the propeller shaft is omitted, it is easier and cheaper to manufacture. Nearly all modern buses have a rear engine. So, from busses lower floors and large storage spaces for tour buses are possible, also the driver is less exposed to the engine noise. In passenger cars ( sedans ), however, the luggage volume is limited.

For cars, the selection of the engine concept is severely limited due to the space in the rear. Flat- sized motors (Boxer engines ) or motors with low capacity and / or turbochargers usually used. For longitudinal installation of the engine and all-wheel drive can be realized.

During winter operation, eg on snow have vehicles with rear engine by the high axle load share of the driven axle traction benefits. When cornering with high lateral acceleration values ​​of the rear wheel drive has disadvantages. Rear -wheel drive vehicles tend to oversteer and in extreme cases, to break the tail. Shift lever and transmission are far apart and need a more complex transmission device, often in the form of a remote control shaft. In part, this requires additional joints and bell crank, which can affect the switching precision and gives the driver a less precise shift feel. Due to the larger mass moved the operating forces during the switching process are higher. Instead of a remote control shaft can be found in modern vehicles also have a cable connection or an electric motor actuator.

Examples of cars with rear engine

  • Benz Motorwagen
  • Porsche 356 911
  • Smart Fortwo Smart Roadster
  • VW Beetle, Transporter, VW Brasilia, VW Type 181, 1500, 411/412
  • Chevrolet Corvair
  • Škoda 1000 MB, 100, 105/120/125/130/135/136, 110 R, Guard, Rapid
  • NSU Prinz Sport and Prince, Prince 1000/TT/TTS, Wankel Spider, Type 110
  • Fiat Nuova 500, 600, 850, 126, 133
  • Simca 1000
  • Mercedes -Benz 120, 130, 150, 170 H, 175
  • Tatra 77, 87, 97, 600, 603, 613, 700
  • BMW 600, 700, BMW Isetta
  • Hillman Imp
  • Renault 4CV, Dauphine, Caravelle, R8, R10, Alpine
  • Glass Goggomobil
  • Saporoshez (all models)
  • Tucker Torpedo
  • Hino Contessa