Reason Party

The Račja Polskiej Lewicy ( Racja - Polish left ) is an anti- clerical party that was founded in 2002 as Antyklerikalna partia Postepu Račja. She is a left-wing Polish party. Initiator of the foundation was the anticlerical magazine Fakty i Mity ( Myths and Facts ). Their ideology is based on the Social Democracy, the anti-clericalism, feminism and pacifism.

Racja advocates a radical separation of church and state. Specifically, the party directed against the interference of the Catholic church in state affairs, against religious instruction in schools and against the financial support of the church by the state.

In June 2005, the party Maria Szyszkowska presented as a candidate for the Polish presidential election, which it, however, reached only 0.77 % of the vote. Also to enter parliament, they could not.