REB stands for:

  • Airfield Rechlin - Larz, former name of the airfield Müritz Airpark, an airfield on the municipalities Larz and Rechlin in Mecklenburg -Western Pomerania after the IATA code
  • Invoice receipt book, a term used in accounting
  • Arrangements for the Electronic project accounting, calculation methods and methods for exchanging data
  • Regional parent council, school Parents Association at the regional level
  • Ring of former coal mining students, predecessor of " ring German mining engineers "

Reb is the name of:

  • Reb Brown ( born 1948 ), American actor
  • Riff Reb 's ( b. 1960 ), French comic book artist

Reb stands for:

  • An honorific Yiddish salutation meaning master or ( religious ) teachers, but also as a general honorific form of address for heads of families or earned ( male ) personalities in use. In this sense, found the address Reb prefixed to the names on the old Jewish grave stones; not every historically designated Reb person is therefore a rabbi in the modern sense.
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