Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation

The Rec ( reational ) Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation ( RSSSF ) is a private organization that deals with the collection of football data. It has the claim to create on the basis of minimally formatted text documents as complete, available data on the Internet Archive.

Begun in January 1994 by three members of the Usenet newsgroup with the address: Lars Aarhus, Kent Hedlundh and Karel Stokkermans. It was first known under the name " North European Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation ", but the geographical restriction was removed, were added as members from other countries. Member can be anyone who is willing and able to contribute more data, especially to areas that have not been adequately covered. Decides on the admission a "board" of 3 to 5 members.

Meanwhile, the RSSSF members and staff from all over the world and it created six sections that collect particular data leagues and national teams in each country. These projects deal with the football in Albania, Brazil, Norway, Poland, Romania, and Uruguay, although only the Brazilian and Norwegian derivatives submit to the strict text format of the original RSSSF and not replicate all the quality of content successfully. The archives of these sections are created in English and / or the local language.