Recce (filmmaking)

Recce (pronounced rekkie ) is a colloquial abbreviation of the English word reconnaissance; in the German Enlightenment.

In military parlance, this term is used to serve for all measures and means that the Enlightenment. This short form is used among other things for the reconnaissance pod so-called Recce Pod, dt.

Other forms of term use

In the film and media industry is referred to so find and visit a location for the purpose of preparation of an event, eg for filming or photographs ( neudt. photo shoot ) to them on their infrastructural circumstances ( eg light and sound conditions or power supply ) to investigate.

The term was originally used in the British film and media industry - while in the American, the term " Tech Scout " ( short form of technical scouting ) exists - and is used internationally by location scouts.

In rallying is meant during the test run, which takes place before the race observation of the track conditions.

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