A reception or reception is a reception desk in the lobby of a building or room, to which an employee receives persons or cared.

Most common are receptions at accommodation, with companies and government agencies, hospitals, medical practices, etc.

Accommodation sector

At the reception, the guest can get a first impression of the hotel - it is the interface between the hotel and the guest. Be found at the reception desk in the hotel industry generally an employee who issued the arrivals information, key issues or accepts and processes applications and cancellations.

Here ( check-out ) takes place, the reception ( check-in ) and departure formalities normally. Also, be called from here the concierge, porters and taxi services to and received other services such as concert ticket orders or wake-up calls. The line has a reception the receptionist or the receipt of Mr. (also: Receptionist / in ). By training as a hotel manager and the hotel business you acquire the skills to work at a hotel reception. The workspace and the tasks are varied and require organizational skills and communication skills.

A hotel has a reception clerk who is responsible for reservations, cancellations and the prices of the respective benefits generally ( in small mostly family-run stores). Furthermore located at receptions often the telephone exchange of the house. In modern hotel, guests will receive partial to consultants consoles.

The reception is not only an interface between the guest and the hotel, but also between all other departments in the house, such as restaurant, kitchen, floor. It coordinates the cooperation between the departments and in addition contact for suppliers and craftsmen. In smaller hotels, the front desk also handles any incidental guest correspondence, creates invoices, maintains a data, for example, online booking systems, compiles statistics and prepares invoices for accounting. A further object is in the receipt and processing of reservations.