Red Bull Ring

Address: Red Bull Ring Red Bull Ring Str 1 8724 Spielberg field

47.21984722222214.764730555556Koordinaten: 47 ° 13 '11 " N, 14 ° 45' 53 " O

The Red Bull Ring is a race track in the community Spielberg field in Styria ( Austria ). It was opened in 1969 as Austria and ring was from 1997 to 2003 A1-Ring. After lengthy renovations it was reopened on May 15, 2011.

Often, the only two kilometers away Zeltweg is specified as a location of the course; although the racetrack is located in the municipality Spielberg. The only two kilometers away airbase in Zeltweg - Hinterstoisser in 1964 found the first Grand Prix of Austria.

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The track was built in 1969 with a length of about six kilometers and used until 1987 Large inter alia for the Formula 1 race price of Austria. The plant was inaugurated on July 26, 1969 Training competitions and a touring car race. On August 17, 1975 Mark Donohue crashed during warm -up for the Grand Prix of Austria. In the presumably caused by a defective tire accident, his car overturned several times and crashed on a billboard. Donohue initially did not seem seriously injured, but fell a day later into a coma and died of a blood clot in the brain. In response to the fatal accident in 1977, the line was mitigated by the installation of a chicane. The Austria ring was a high-speed track and was in the meantime as the fastest route to the Formula 1 race after two discontinuations due to mass collisions at the Grand Prix of Austria in 1987 for ten years was not the race to the Formula 1 calendar.

Routing from 1995 and 1996 compared

1996-2004 route as A1-Ring

Draft plan of 2005

Since 2010, rebuilt route as Red Bull Ring

1995/1996 the route was - after long political discussions - rebuilt shortened to 4.318 km and updated to the latest safety standard. From 1997 to 2003 seven Formula 1 races were held. Compared to the original route of disposal of the rebuilt A1-Ring - named after the Austrian mobile operator A1 ( Mobilkom Austria ) - not more about the numerous fast " Mutkurven ". Therefore, he was not as popular as the old Austria ring for some drivers. But the characteristic of each substantiated very exciting race courses. Several stop-and -go sections allowed many overtaking maneuvers. Therefore, the A1-Ring was ultimately provide direction, because it served many subsequently converted racetracks as a model, as for example, the new Hockenheimring, where the hairpin after the Parabolika also facilitate overtaking.

2003, adopted the formula 1 a second time from Styria, this time probably mainly for financial reasons - officially because of the coming tobacco advertising ban in the EU.

Subsequently acquired Dietrich Mateschitz and his Red Bull GmbH the site and wanted to expand to a motorsport and aviation academy. They were allegedly planned investments of up to 750 million euros. Due to objections from the public and a negative decision by the Austrian environmental Senate Mateschitz was again on the plans. Meanwhile had already begun with demolition, so the race track, the existing operating license was extinguished in the sequence and not usable by the partial demolition.

After intensive efforts by the Styrian policy however, it was initially successful, a follow-up project to guide in the paths with the aim to re-activate the circuit again and next to make as a test track for the industry interesting. As a partner of Red Bull were again involved, also the corporations KTM, VW and Magna. Planned start of construction for the new circuit was 2007. After the departure of the Volkswagen Group from the project of reconstruction was not initially performed.

In April 2008 it was announced that Red Bull already torn racetrack wanted to build up again. In addition, the Old West loop should be renovated and connected to the "new" track. The race was called the Red Bull Ring.

End of September 2010 was the DTM their start on June 5, 2011 at the Red Bull Ring known. The line was officially opened on 15 May 2011 with an open day.

On July 23, 2013 it was announced by the operator of the racetrack that the formula should be 1 in 2014 to return to Spielberg.


The Red Bull Ring has six right and two left turns: Castrol Edge ( sharp right bend after the start, uphill ), Remus ( hairpin after the long uphill straight, best point for overtaking - the car must of over 320 km / h on 70 km / h to brake ), Castle Gold ( right turn downhill ), the two quick left turns in the infield (Audi ultra and Lauda curve) and the two target curves ( Rindt, Red Bull Mobile ).

The track is located in the Upper Styrian Aichfeld and is surrounded on three sides by hills that are partly used as a natural stands. By this arena characteristic results on the one hand, a good overview of the entire route and on the other a special atmosphere at the races.

The second similar circuit in Austria is the Salzburg ring.


All winners of the Formula 1 race at Spielberg

Record winner Driver: Alain Prost ( 3) Record winner designers: McLaren (6 ) Record winner Engine Manufacturer: Ford -Cosworth (9 ) Record winner tire manufacturer Goodyear (12 ) Record winner Nations: France (5)