Red Bull X-Fighters

Red Bull X -Fighters are freestyle motocross competitions, which were originally held mainly in bullrings. They are in addition to the X-Games, the most prestigious and most demanding competitions in freestyle motocross ( FMX short ).

Red Bull X -Fighters are invitation tournaments where the best meet freestylers in the world. Your special flair competitions relate on the one hand by the relative narrowness of the bullfighting arenas ( and the resulting proximity of the audience to sporting events ) and the other by taking over of some rituals of a typical Corrida: for example, the riders will be greeted with drum rolls and trumpet fanfares, and the audience rewarded the performance of the riders by the pivoting of white towels.


The idea for Red Bull X -Fighters came from energy drink producer Red Bull The first competition was held in 2001 in the bullring in Valencia instead. In 2002, the competition to Madrid -Las Ventas, Spain's largest and most important bullring. With 23,000 spectators, the discharged annually since 2002 competition in Madrid is Europe 's largest annual FMX event. In addition to Madrid in 2003, Valencia was the second time the scene of the Red Bull X -Fighters. From 2005 to 2010, the competition was also held annually in Mexico - in the Monumental Plaza de Toros in Mexico City, the largest with 43,000 spectators bullring in the world. Mexico City in 2011 was not an integral part of the World Series, so that only one event of 2011 was staged in a bullring. In 2013, the Red Bull X -Fighters World Tour returned to Mexico and back to Madrid two bullrings in the program.


A Red Bull X -Fighters event usually lasts for three days. On the first day of the launch for the drivers takes place on the second day the qualification and on the third day of the actual competition. Training sessions are held on all three days. Each driver has his run for 90 seconds. Judges evaluate each run with points in the categories of Variety, Challenge and Execution, Style, Use of Course and Show and Spectator Reaction. By qualifying the eight participants are determined for the competition. This results in the ranking on the basis of points awarded. The competition consists of quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. In the quarter- finals of the first qualifying competes against the 8th, the 2nd against the 7th, and so on. It no longer count the points, but only the direct comparison between the drivers. You must be at least three of the five rating categories to decide for themselves to get ahead. The winners of the respective duels semi-finals, where the placements from the qualifiers again the best competes according to the worst and the second best against the second-worst. The winner of the duels will qualify for the final, in which then the winner of the entire event is determined.

The championship points are awarded after the placement as follows:

  • 07th place: 30 points
  • 08th place: 25 points
  • 09th place: 20 points
  • 10th place: 15 points
  • 11th place: 10 points
  • 12th place: 05 points

Red Bull X -Fighters in TV

All races will be broadcast on the Internet by Red Bull Web TV live stream. In addition ServusTV shows the competitions, even in high definition.

Red Bull X -Fighters in Germany

In 2008, the X -Fighters Tour for the first time made ​​a stop in Germany. On August 16, the fifth of six competitions of the 2008 tour was in the quarry Oetelshofen in Wuppertal under the motto " FMX meets Industry " instead. Extracting a 15,000 -seat grandstand was built in the limestone quarry for the one-day event. The victory went to the Swiss Rebeaud, which could prematurely secure by his success in Wuppertal the overall tour victory.


Red Bull X -Fighters 2014 Tour

Red Bull X -Fighters 2013 Tour

Overall winner: Tom Pagès

Red Bull X -Fighters 2012 Tour

Overall winner: Levi Sherwood

Red Bull X -Fighters 2011 Tour

Overall winner: Dany Torres

Red Bull X -Fighters 2010 Tour

Overall winner: Nate Adams

Red Bull X -Fighters 2009 Tour

Overall winner: Nate Adams

Red Bull X -Fighters 2008 Tour

Overall winner: Mat Rebeaud

Red Bull X -Fighters 2007 Tour

Overall winner: Travis Pastrana

Red Bull X -Fighters 2006

Red Bull X -Fighters 2005

Red Bull X -Fighters 2004

Red Bull X -Fighters 2003

Red Bull X -Fighters 2002

Red Bull X -Fighters 2001