Redbergslids IK

Redbergslids Idrottsklubb (short Redbergslids IK ) is a Swedish handball club was established in 1916 in Gothenburg.

The association is Sweden 's most successful handball club, whose men's team since 1934, the highest player class, the Elitserien played continuously. He is also a Swedish record champion with 20 titles. In addition to the handball section, there is also a football department. The nickname of the club is the white Elegant, since one in 1950 had an elegant style of play and because the players wanted to have pants with pleats.

In addition, the men's team of Redbergslids IK was also twice in the European Cup finals: 1959 was the second edition of the European Cup of Champions won against Frisch Auf Göppingen, against BM Ciudad Real from Spain but they lost in 2003 the final of the European Cup Winners' Cup.

Well-known former players