Reds (film)

Reds is a film from 1981 with Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton in the lead roles. On German television, he also ran under the title Reds - A man fights for justice.


Warren Beatty plays the Author John Reed, who ( during and after the first world war ) is involved in addition to his journalistic activities also actively building a socialist party structures in the United States. He enters into a turbulent relationship with the writer Louise Bryant ( Diane Keaton ), he experienced together with the days of the Bolshevik Revolution in St. Petersburg. After this stay Reed writes the book with which he became famous: Ten Days that Shook the World. The plot of the film is repeatedly interrupted by brief statements from the date of production still living witnesses, among them the teacher and peace activist Scott Nearing (1883-1983), the writer Dorothy Frooks (1896-1997) and the reporter George Seldes (1890 -1995 ).

German version


The film won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress ( Stapleton ), Best Cinematography and Best Director. Nominated the film was still in the categories of Best Actor ( Beatty ), Best Supporting Actor ( Nicholson ), Best Supporting Actress ( Keaton ), Best Art Direction ( Richard Sylbert ), Best Costume Design, Best Editing, Best Picture, Best Sound and Best Original Screenplay.

Warren Beatty won in 1982 for his directing Golden Globe Award. The film also received nominations for the Golden Globe Award for Warren Beatty as an actor, Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton for, for Maureen Stapleton, for the screenplay and as Best Drama.

The Film Review Board Wiesbaden gave the production the predicate particularly valuable.


  • " The lavish epic combines the history of the communist movement in the U.S. with the melodramatic love story between the hero and the beautiful Louise Bryant. On an additional level of documentary film reflects the relationship between fiction and authentic memory. Played and staged Shiny. " - " Encyclopedia of the international film "