Reg Park

Reg Park ( born June 7, 1928 in Yorkshire, England; † 22 November 2007 in Sandton, South Africa) was a British bodybuilder and actor.


Park followed in the footsteps of his father, who owned a gym. At the age of 18 he took up the election as ' Mister Britain'. He won the competition in 1949 and was in the following year ' Mister Europe '. In 1951, he won the title of ' Mr. Universe ' in the amateur version, 1958 and 1965 again, but in the Pro version. Until the 1970s, he took part in competitions.

As early as 1951 he had success in the development and sale of fitness equipment, which he further distribution even after marriage and moving to South Africa and put them in its chain of gyms. From 1954 to 1959 he was editor of a journal (The Reg Park Journal ).

In the late 1960s he trained Arnold Schwarzenegger and helped pave the way for him into the movie business. Until the last years before his death in November 2007 from the effects of skin cancer Park was committed to bodybuilding, so for example, as judges at competitions.


Park occurred only 1961-1966 in a few films as an actor, before he returned to his main occupation. He benefited from the boom in Italian Hercules movies. He was one of the successors of Steve Reeves in this role that he played three times; once he played Ursus, once Maciste.