Regal Mountain

Regal Mountain and the glacier of the same name


Regal Mountain is located 31 km east of Mount Blackburn, 37 km north of McCarthy in Wrangell St. Elias National Park.

The mountain is almost completely covered by ice. On the eastern flank are Rohn and Regal Glacier. The Root Glacier flows 24 km to the south, where it meets the Kennicott Glacier. The largest, about 5 km wide glacier on the flanks of the mountain shelf is unnamed and flows 16 km to the northwest in the Nabesna Glacier.

Regal Mountain is located in the catchment area of Copper and Yukon rivers flowing into the Gulf of Alaska or the Bering Sea.

The first ascent took place by Yasuichi Kitamura, Ryoichi Hasegawa, Masao Tanaka and Shinichi Naito on August 3, 1964.

The first mention of the name of the mountain in 1899 by United States Geological Survey.