Regal-Zonophone Records

Regal Zonophone Records, was a British record label that was founded in 1932 by the merger of the label Regal Zonophone Records and Records.



1932 was followed by Regal Zonophone and their parent companies, the Columbia Graphophone Company and the Gramophone Company, which had established through their fusion EMI. As was previously in the self-employment, a large proportion of the published material from the U.S. label Columbia Records, Okeh Records, and Victor Records as well as the American Record Corporation. In - Regal Zonophone appeared plates American Old-time musicians such as Cliff Carlisle, Gid Tanner and his Skillet Lickers and Roy Harvey; but also jazz and pop was released by the label. It also local artists such as Gracie Fields and George Formby were published.


In the 1950s, the Australian Department of Regal Zonophone - played a crucial role in the development of country music in Australia. With Slim Dusty, Smoky Dawson, Reg Lindsay and Chad Morgan hit singles could be published again and again. Slim Dusty A Pub With No Beer of 1957, even the most successful single, which was released in Australia's history.

Other past and present

In the 1960s and 1970s, artists were represented by Regal - Zonophone regularly in the charts. Some of these musicians were The Move, Joe Cocker, Procol Harum and T. Rex. In the following decade, however, Regal Zonophone, lost many of its musicians and EMI dropped the label fall.

In the 1990s, EMI Regal Zonophone - as a re-release label revived again, but the label does not exist in that form today. The group was again split into Regal Zonophone Records and acting independently.