Regionalization is

  • The process of dividing an area into regions or
  • The process of allocation of different systems, processes and products ( or different parts of it) to different regions of an area or
  • A process in fictional representations or representations in art or advertising, in which particular characters, actions, attitudes, etc., are to be regarded as realistic, with the help of aesthetic ( literary, artistic, etc.) means more than "typical" for the region and its quasi "natural" will be presented in addition belonging.

Regionalization of systems is the matrix formation of the elements and functions of these systems on the one hand with the regions of an area on the other. Such systems can, for example, processes and products be, have to be adapted or segmented the whole or in part regional needs.

Regionalization or localization ( L10N ) of products, identities or self-images can meet the region-specific interests of regional populations and market participants, but also restrict their freedom of choice in the global market of goods or identities.

Regionalization is a process by which on the one hand existing boundaries of regional differences, with the aim of adapting to regional needs are recognized, or on the other hand by creating limits the development of regional differences will only be favored.

Globalization and internationalization are not necessarily opposites to regionalization and localization, but regionalization and localization are elements of market segmentation strategies under the conditions of globalization and internationalization.

  • Economic Geography
  • Regional Science