Régis Wargnier

Régis Wargnier ( born April 18, 1948 in Paris ) is a French film director, screenwriter and film producer.


Régis Wargnier began his career in cinema in 1972 as assistant director in the drama The unknown beauty by Michel Deville. At that position he was to Patrice Leconte Viens chez moi, chez une copine J'habite (1981) and Francis Girod's The banker's wife (1980 ), The Big Brother (1982) and Le Bon Plaisir - A political love affair (1984 ) involved. His first film, The woman of my life, he realized in 1986. The drama tells the story of a famous concert violinist (played by Christophe Malavoy ) who falls prey to alcohol and brought Wargnier 1987 César for best debut work a.

For his next feature film The castle belongs to me (1989 ) based on the novel I am the KIng of the Castle by English author Susan Hill, he won Jean Rochefort and Dominique Blanc, who had already held a supporting role in Wargnier's directorial debut. Blanc mimics the single mother Madame Vernet, the owner of the castle and widowers Monsieur Bréaud ( Rochefort ) is hired to watch during the holidays to his son. This feels the newcomers but as intruders.

The big success came for Régis Wargnier in the 1990s, where he made ​​his name with large-scale Historienepen. The film Indochine (1992 ) with Catherine Deneuve, Vincent Perez, Linh Dan Pham and Dominique Blanc was understood by international critics as a French counterpart to Victor Fleming's Gone with the Wind (1939) and won the 1993 Academy Award for best foreign-language film production of the year and five Cesar. Played Indochine even against the backdrop of French imperialism in Southeast Asia, Wargnier presented in Est - Ouest - A love in Russia, a group of Russian immigrants in the center, whose return to Stalinist Russia proves to be a fatal decision. The film, starring Sandrine Bonnaire and Catherine Deneuve was nominated in 2000 for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, but was defeated Pedro Almodóvar's All About My Mother. This was followed in 2005 Wargnier's first English-language production Man to Man with Joseph Fiennes and Kristin Scott Thomas. Similarly designed as the previous two major productions, the film opened in 2005, the Film Festival of Berlin, but turned out to be artistic and financial blunder.

2007, reports the French director who, among other things Sports Documentaries ( Coeur d' Athletes with Haile Gebrselassie, 2002) staged, with Pars vite et reviens tard back to the big screen. The thriller is the eponymous film adaptation of Fred Vargas ' award-winning crime novel Flee far and fast, for which he won such well-known actors such as Jose Garcia, Marie Gillain, Lucas Belvaux, Serrault, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Linh Dan Pham. As an actor Wargnier graduated guest appearances on The unknown beauty (1972) and souvenirs souvenirs (1984).


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