Registration office

The registration office is a local authority, which deals with the registration office as enshrined in the reporting duty to report.

  • In Germany, these authorities are called registration authorities
  • In Austria, the registration office is part of a community ( Austria )
  • In Switzerland and Liechtenstein to say the appropriate place residents' registration office or person


Since the end of the 20th century, the tasks of the registration offices have been combined with other municipal services in so-called public offices. Other names such as civil service, customer service center, service point, citizens shop, citizen services are used to convey one hand, a friendly first impression and the other hand to make the changed areas of responsibility clearly.

The legal basis arising from the registration law, the total of all reporting regulations. The registration law was regarding the legislative competence to the framework legislation (Art. 75 GG): The federal government gave the alarm Framework Act MRRG the legislative framework, the countries fleshed own reporting laws, that is, with detailed regulations refined. As part of the reform of federalism as reporting the exclusive legislative power of the Federation has been assigned. But there is a transitional arrangement.

The jurisdiction of that local service centers is different depending on the province, but it can be assumed in the majority of cases the fact that they are responsible for the following divisions:

  • To start, stop and re-registration
  • Clearance certificates (only application )
  • Official certifications
  • Household certificate for child support
  • Children's Passports
  • Tax cards until 1 January 2011
  • Passports
  • Identity cards
  • Population Statistics
  • Information from the population register
  • Residence and registration certificates, life certificates
  • Address change in the vehicle registration
  • Excerpts from the Central Trade Register
  • Investigation warrants
  • Defense acquisition


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The Residents ' or persons ' registration office is a local authority in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, which deals with the registration office as enshrined in the reporting duty to report. This body will have the first contact with the city administration. She is responsible for the notification of new entries, from her also all Wegzüge, address changes or other changes to the particulars of a resident and / or a resident be edited. It also takes several requests in connection with the alien police Regulation of residence of foreign nationals, checks it and forwards it to the cantonal migration office on.