Rehden is a municipality and the headquarters of Samtgemeinde Rehden in Diepholz in Lower Saxony ( Germany ).

Supra-regional significance Rehden through the underground natural gas storage Wingas, which is 4 billion cubic meters of the largest in Western Europe.

  • 3.1 Basic Requirements
  • 3.2 industry
  • 6.1 municipal
  • 6.2 Mayor
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Geographical Location

Rehden located north of the nature parks and Dumber Rehdener Geest and bog south of the nature park Geest. It is located almost exactly in the middle between Bremen and Osnabrück in the north to the southwest and east of Diepholz and west of the trowel mountain.

Community structure

  • Lohaus
  • Düversbruch
  • Rehdener - Fladder

Nature Reserves

The nature reserves Rehdener Geest and bog Rehdener Geest bog regeneration area, which lie in the south of the municipality, are together about 1800 hectares.


The place Rehden is very old, because already in the period 854-877 here had a gentleman named Belo possession. Also the monastery Corvey talked in very early times in this space agencies. In old documents Rehden is always written Rehden in the 9th and 11th centuries redundancy, in the later centuries. The name is from the Rehden altniederdeutschen " Encompasser Hriod " and the Middle Low German "red " - that is, reeds, rushes or reeds - to derive. Between 1238 and 1250 Rehden is named among the localities from which the pin Osnabrück received remuneration. In connection with Rehden the noble men and Otto Burchard be mentioned to Diepholz.


Basic needs

The facilities required for the daily needs to meet the basic needs of the population are available in all member municipalities. The equipment of commercial and service facilities corresponds to the current needs.

The community Rehden has a community nurse station. Health care is ensured by two doctors, two dentists, a pharmacy and two massage clinics and physiotherapy practice.


A larger company is the Gazprom subsidiary Astora. The underground natural gas storage Astora in Rehden is the largest in Western Europe and has about one-fifth of the total existing storage capacity in Germany. The store is run by the Astora since 2012.

The building and the site of a former ammunition factory ( Muna ) of the Wehrmacht and later the German army today uses a logistics company for car transport. In recent years, more companies have set up in the field of tube technology and the food industry in the new industrial park.


By B 214 ( Lingen - Diepholz - Nienburg ) and the B 239 ( Rehden - Wagenfeld - Herford ) as well as several state and county roads, the municipal area well connected to the regional and local transport network. About the B 214 is reached, 25 km away junction of the A 1 in Holdorf. A freight railway line ( Diepholz - Sulingen ) runs through the community. This is again reinforced in recent years for car and transport of chemicals to the former Muna (today logistics company ) used.


In the community Rehden is a primary school and a secondary school. Secondary schools as the high school ( Count Friedrich school) and the Vocational Training Centre Dr. Jürgen- Ulderup and FHWT, located in 8 km from the city Diepholz.

A kindergarten was opened in 1996 in Rehden in operation. Then there was 2008, a crèche.


Parish council

The municipal council of Rehden is composed of 11 women council and councilors.

  • Class of goods: 8 seats
  • SPD: 2 seats
  • Citizens' Forum community Rehden: 1 seat

(As at municipal election on September 11, 2011)


Honorary Mayor of Rehden is since November 1, 2006 Wilhelm Flash.

Coat of arms

The community Rehden leads not own coat of arms. Usually, the coat of arms of the velvet municipality Rehden is used.


In Rehden there is the evangelical church " to the good shepherds " - Rehden - Hemsloh with the church in Rehden, directly on the B 214



In the community there are, among others, the gun club Rehden 1924 eV and a young firefighters at the local volunteer fire department Rehden.


In Rehden the league club BSV black and white Rehden plays. In the new forest sports venues are also a street basketball field, a skate park, which is used by Roll and Schlittschuhclub Rehden, as well as a project funded by the DFB small sports field.