Reigate is a town in Surrey in southern England and has 21,820 inhabitants. It is the administrative seat of the Boroughs Reigate and Banstead, south of London.


Reigate is first mentioned under its previous name Cherchefelle ( "Church Field " ) in the Domesday Book. William the Conqueror awarded the land around Reigate to William de Warenne, 1st Earl of Surrey, his son William de Warenne, 2nd Earl of Surrey built the castle Reigate Castle. The most important base for the southern English de Warennes who were wealthy in England, but was Lewes in Sussex. Around 1150, the de Warennes ended up leaving at the foot of the castle build the settlement Reigate, which replaced the former Cherchefelle. According to tradition, the rebellious barons against King John to have come together in the caves below Reigate Castle to work out the basic features of the later Magna Carta here. In the 13th century originated in Reigate a monastery of the Augustinians, the secularized in 1535 and by Henry VIII to William Howard, 1st Baron Howard of Effingham, was presented, which converted the monastery into a country house. The Howards, which subsequently high posts in the British Admiralty occupied ( William's son Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Nottingham, Lord High Admiral in 1585 ), used the property as their headquarters. Today there is a school.


Reigate is served by its own railway station on the British railway network. Through the North Downs Line with links to London and Reading. Reigate is located on the M25, London's orbital motorway.


Reigate has six schools: the School Reigate, Reigate Grammar School which, the Reigate Priory School, the Reigate St Mary 's School, the Royal Alexandra and Albert School and Reigate College.


  • James Ussher (1581-1656), Anglican theologian, died in Reigate
  • Samuel Palmer (1805-1881), the Romantic painters, lived temporarily in Reigate, where he is also buried
  • Francis Frith (1822-1898), photographer, lived in Reigate and had here a company
  • Alexander Ross Clarke (1828-1914), surveyor, died in Reigate
  • Kenneth J. Alford (1881-1945), composer, died in Reigate
  • Sidonie Goossens (1899-2004), harpist, died 105 years old in Reigate
  • Margot Fonteyn (1919-1991), Prima Bellerina, born in Reigate
  • Mary Hesse ( * 1924), Wissenschaftstheoretikerin, born in Reigate
  • Anne V. Coates ( born 1925 ), a film editor, born in Reigate
  • Ray Alan ( born 1930 ), ventriloquist, at times lived in Reigate
  • Nicholas Owen ( born 1947 ), a television journalist, lives in Reigate
  • Cherith Baldry ( born 1947 ), writer, lives in Reigate
  • Caroline Quentin ( born 1960 ), actress, born in Reigate
  • Fatboy Slim (born in 1963 ), big beat musician, born and raised in Reigate as Norman Cook
  • David Walliams (born 1971 ), comedian, went to school in Reigate
  • Kate Maberly ( b. 1982 ), actress, born in Reigate
  • Tom Chilton ( born 1985 ), a racing driver, born in Reigate and resident there
  • Max Chilton (* 1991), a racing driver, born in Reigate