Reiherbach (Edersee)

In Reiherbachtal is near Selbach the Selbacher Viaduct

The heron creek, called the upper reaches Selbach, is a 8.4 km long northern tributary of the Edersees in northern Hesse Waldeck- Frankenberg.

Before the construction of Edertalsperre the heron creek was an orographic left or north-easterly tributary of Lake Eder also the inflowing Eder Creek advertising.


The heron creek rises 1.75 km south of Freienhagen, a northern district of Waldeck, the Long forest about 500 m northwest of the Heitzelbergs ( 467.4 m above sea level. NN ). At its wooded flank the source is in the " church ground" to around 390 m above sea level. NN.

Initially, the stream flows in a southerly direction to and through the smallest Waldecker district, Selbach, with the former hunting lodge Friedrichsthal. In the village of West opens the " Vogelgraben " one.

Approximately 650 m (straight line ) to the southeast and below Selbachs is the heron Bach at the Bach km 5.3 between the Waldecker districts networks in the Southeast and Sachsenhausen on the west by 193 m long and 28 m high Selbacher Viaduct, the so-called heron creek bridge crosses. This is part of the disused railway Edersee, which was converted into the Lake Eder track bike trail in the section Korbach - lovers. After that leads between the towns last mentioned the Bach 4.9 km B 485 over the creek.

Then the heron creek runs southwest through the belonging to Waldeck Weiler " in the heron Bach" (299 m above sea level. NN ) and then through a narrow, fringed by forest valley, opens at the output of coming from the west or Sachsenhausen Klingebach.

At the end of the valley of the stream reaches the Waldecker District Lower advertising, which lies on the northern border of the nature park basement Edersee. In the village the heron creek flows to around 245 m above sea level. NN in the larger of two adjacent Lake Eder - forebay.


The source of the heron Bach is close to the Diemel-Eder/Fulda/Weser-Wasserscheide: The water flowing around to the southwest herons Bach drained by Lake Eder to the east or northeast across Eder and Fulda in the Weser, while that of the lot north of the Heitzelbergs close the southern edge of Freienhagen springing Watter initially northward and then flows over the Twiste and Diemel to the northeast into the Weser.

Catchment and tributaries

Among the tributaries of the heron Bach, whose catchment area covers 27.322 km ², including downriver considered ( with river length and Mündungsort with heron creek miles ):

  • Vogelgraben ( right side, 1.6 km, in Selbach, km 6.0)
  • Klingebach ( right side, 7.4 km, above low - advertising, km 0.8)