Reine Wisell

Pure Wisell ( born September 30, 1941 in Motala ) is a Swedish former racing driver who drove in Formula 1, between 1970 and 1974.

His first try at Formula 1 had Wisell at the U.S. Grand Prix in the 1970 season for Team Lotus. In the third place, he reached his first and only podium, and hence the best rank in his Formula 1 career.

For Lotus Wisell launched a total of 14 times. Twice he took part in races in the 1970 season in part, ten times in the season in 1971 and twice again at the end of season 1972. 1972 he completed six races for BRM. During the season 1973 he was at the Grand Prix of Sweden because of breakage of the suspension his March (Team Pierre Robert ) do not include in the lap of the race. Two weeks later, he participated in the French Grand Prix in part for March ( Clarke - Mordaunt- Guthrie - Durlacher ), but decreased with engine failure. After a second failure at the Grand Prix of Sweden in the 1974 season for the March team Wisell ended after 22 Grand Prix races with a total of 13 championship points his Formula 1 career. Wisell participated in the years between 1969 and 1974 four times at 24 - hour race at Le Mans, but fell out every time.

Today Wisell works as an instructor of driving safety courses, promotes Swedish talents and also appeared occasionally in race with historic vehicles on.

Le Mans results

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  • Born in 1941
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