Reiner Lemoine

Reiner Lemoine ( born February 2, 1949 in Berlin, † 6 December 2006) was a German entrepreneur in the field of renewable energy.

He was involved during his aviation and aerospace studies at the foundation of the Wuseltronik, an engineer collective based first in Berlin -Moabit, and later in Berlin- Kreuzberg in Mehringhof. In the environment of Wuseltronik among others, the company Kosonanz, later the wind range of Wuseltronik took over and continues to exist under the name Ammonite Measurement GmbH today was born. Eng was the collaboration with the Institute of Prof. Dr. Robert Gasch at the TU Berlin, from which the company soon ausgründete southerly wind turbines.

In 1996 he founded, together with other partners, Solon AG, followed in 1999, the solar cell manufacturer Q-Cells. In 2005, he won together with Anton Milner for Q -Cells the Entrepreneur of the Year.

Shortly before his death, he founded the Reiner Lemoine Foundation, which awards scholarships to graduate students who want to do a doctorate in the field of renewable energies. In December 2006, he succumbed to his long been diagnosed brain tumor.

On 20 August 2008, the Federal Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel inaugurated the Reiner Lemoine Research of Q-Cells AG.

In April 2010, founded by the Reiner Lemoine Lemoine Foundation Institute ( RLI ) gGmbH took on his work. The nonprofit RLI is implementation- oriented research on the topic of renewable energy.