Remote Shell

The program Remote Shell (RSH ) is a program on Unix, which makes it possible to have them implemented at a remotely located computer commands and programs. The expenditure for the current program on the remote machine to the local machine be forwarded. The RSH program is used to wait for another machine on the network or to run on them programs without the user having to be logged directly on the remote computer.

RSH is one of the so-called Berkeley remote utilities for remote access to computers with Unix operating system and was originally developed at the University of Berkeley. It commonly uses the standard TCP port 514 and was part of the published in 1977 the first BSD Unix distribution.

Whether another computer is authorized to access a computer via RSH but it tested only on the IP address, the source port and the user ID (user ID ). Because this information is easy to fake this kind of remote maintenance is very uncertain. As an alternative, you should use the secure SSH.

More modern versions of rsh, such as the version of OpenSolaris, additional support authentication via Kerberos and encryption of transmitted data. For recent implementations of the RSH command it is possible to perform a Kerberos authentication.