REN (Russian РЕН ) is a national, private, Russian television stations.

Market share

The transmitter has a 2003 survey by a market share of about 5%. He can be received via cable in all major metropolitan areas of Russia and in over 150 other cities of Russia, the CIS and the Baltic States, but does not send coverage nationwide.


Until 1 July 2005, the station was owned by the founder Irena Lesnewskaja and her son ( 30%) and the energy company RAO UES (70 %) under Anatoly Chubais, a young reformers in the Russian government of the 1990s. The station has long been seen as the last refuge of free coverage. After the sale in 2005, the RTL Group held 30 % of the transmitter, the government-related corporations Severstal and Surgutneftegaz each held 35 percent. That was accompanied by a change in the critical editorial policy of the transmitter with the sale, was denied by the new owners.

In 2004, the popular journalist Olga Romanova for their news program " 24 with Olga Romanova " on Ren TV in Russia main TV award as "the best information program in the country". In November 2005, the station announced Romanova. She had publicly criticized a case of censorship. The station had dropped its report on the acquittal of the son of Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov. In the scandalous judgment Ivanov's son was acquitted after his luxury car at a red light at high speed ran over a pedestrian crossing and killed a pensioner. After the dismissal announced the chief editor Yelena Fedorova and a number of journalists. Yelena Fedorova gave an interview to Radio Free Europe about the reasons for her dismissal. Ilya Kusmenkow also gave the station a day later an interview. After the dismissal Romanowas the former Soviet president Gorbachev said it was " the last station lost who has maintained a degree of independence and objectivity." Later the program committee signaled readiness to talk with you and Romanova was considering a new broadcasting format with her ​​after she had threatened with a lawsuit against their dismissal. " Olga Romanova continues to fight for their place in REN - TV. However, at a press conference no appear their colleagues of the great Russian stations. And the hope of assistance from Germany Olga Romanova has long given up. "It said in a text of the NDR for ZAPP broadcast in December 2005.


Ren TV sends a TV full program with a high proportion of U.S. productions. Series in Ren TV:

  • 4400 - The returnees
  • The X-Files - The Files
  • Ally McBeal
  • Family Guy
  • Formula 1
  • Friends
  • Futurama
  • M * A * S * H ( TV series)
  • Prison Break
  • Shaman King
  • The Simpsons (until 2005)
  • Supernatural

In addition, Ren TV produces many of his own series have also been very successful internationally in the Russian-speaking community.

  • Солдаты ( "soldiers" ) celebrated the beginning of March the premiere of the 12th season
  • Студенты ( "students" )
  • КГБ в смокинге ( "KGB in a tuxedo " )


  • 24


  • Неделя с Марианной Максимовской ( "The Week with Marianna Maximowskaja " )