Renaldo Snipes

Renaldo Snipes ( born August 15, 1956 in Houston ) is a former American heavyweight boxer. He is mainly known for his fight against Larry Holmes.


Snipes was professional in November 1978. He suggested after twenty victories against opponents build the light heavyweight Eddie Mustafa Muhammad only on points. In August 1981, he defeated Gerrie Coetzee controversial in his adopted hometown of New York. Nevertheless, the victory earned him a title fight on November 6, 1981 against Larry Holmes.

It happened that Snipes today prominence in the boxing scene brings: As only one of two boxers in Holmes ' heyday, he managed to beat in the seventh round of the World Champion to the ground. Referee Rudy Ortega left Holmes a lot of time to recover. As this in the fight Snipes in return later met hard and this seemed struck, but the referee quickly broke off the fight, this was considered by the public as premature. Snipes suspected then that Ortega did not want to break up the fight of Holmes against Gerry Cooney.

He could only draw boxes against the unknown, but undefeated Scott Frank and defeated in 1982 Tim Witherspoon. In the same year he managed a win against Trevor Berbick, his only non-controversial victory against a Weltklasseschwergewichtler.

1983 and 1984 he only lost the Weltklasseschwergewichtler Greg Page, but then even the little respected Alfredo Evangelista and Ricky Parkey. From now on, he was just a construction opponent for MOVED talents like Tyrell Biggs and Orlin Norris. In 1992, he finished his career after a defeat against Jorge Luis González.

Relationship with John Gotti

He was well acquainted with the mafioso John Gotti, appeared at the murder trial. For his testimony at the trial, he was heavily criticized by the New York press. The press assumed that Snipes appeared there to intimidate the jury. Snipes said: " Why would I do such a thing in the courtroom, but where everyone knew who I am? John Gotti was a big boxing fan and a big fan of mine. I learned over the years to know his entire family as they came to my struggles. I found him a gentleman and he treated me like a gentleman. "